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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  July 16, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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we'll talk about that coming up. police in prince george's county are investigating a bizarre robbery that left one man dead. while being robbed a victim got run over by the car. pat collins is in fairmount heights with details. pat? >> reporter: what happened here is beyond strange. a robbery victim run over by a woman who's trying not to get robbed herself. last week annie mill bourn lost her older sister and her brother. at her district heights home she was making plans go to their funerals when yesterday she learned that her son, her oerl child, bradford mccoy had been killed. he was just 30 years old. >> he protected me. he protected his mom. he always looked out for me. he did things that just keep you happy. he was a bundle of joy. >> reporter: bradford mccoy
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worked for comcast. police tell the story this way. it was early sunday morning. in fact, it was just after moint. mccoy was driving his comcast truck down oak street in fairmount heights when he cease an old friend. he gets out to talk. in the end there are four guys standing here talking when owl of nowhere appear three gunmen with masks, they tell the four men to hit the ground and they rob them of money and valuables. then those gunmen see a woman behind the wheel of a car over here, they go to rob her, she hits the gas and drives over mccoy who's still lying on the street. he's dead on the scene. >> she sees the robbery take place and then they come toward her, she's in fear, and she drives off and she drove other one of the victims that was lie tong ground. >> and she stayed on the scene. >> she stayed on the scene, yes, she did. >> bizarre. >> very bizarre. >> after they see the accident,
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the masked gunmen jump in the comcast truck and speedway from the scene. now bradford mccoy leave behind a 10-year-old boy named bryce. >> he was fun and he was playful. we always played sports and we had the same thing we liked. we both liked vanilla ice cream. >> you're going to miss him, aren't you? >> reporter: the comcast truck was found abandoned in d.c., the suspects still at large. now, coming up at 6:00, we're going to hear from one of the robbery victims. i'll see you then. live in fairmont heights, pat collins, "news 4." >> thank you, pat. as he mentioned, the victim worked for comcast, that is the parent company of nbc 4. >> a man is recovering after two
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pit bulls attacked him on n his own yard in front of his son. max fornada said he got out of his truck and the pit bulls charged at him. when he tried to scare them off his property hrks e said they bit him at least a dozen times. that's when fornada's son ran out of the house and threw a shoe at the dogs to scare them off i don't know how i got to it. but somehow i managed to throw it at it. >> the dogs, they really wanted to bite me from my neck. that's when they came here. if they came here, they probably would have killed me. >> police shot and kill 1-800-of the dogs when it charged an officer. the other was taken into custody by the arlington animal welfare league. more pressure today for d.c. mayor vincent gray to explain the campaign scandal swirling around him. warden councilman jim graham says the mayor should issue a, quote, formal statement explaining his role.
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graham's statement comes after three other council members called on gray to resign. >> graham didn't call on the mayor to resign. he was in his office today and he met with the mayor. in the statement he released a short time ago he said, i restated my firm belief that he should provide a formal statement on the campaign issues with the opportunity for questions. now, the mayor hasn't respontded to this it happened so late today, but this is another example of the pressure, daily drumbeat on the mayor to explain the scandal. >> is this something where the mayor will say my attorney won't allow me to issue a statement? >> that's what the attorney wants. he wants to take care of things in a legal process and there's a process, but there's a court of public opinion and the mayor is losing badly in the court of public opinion and this is
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another example. >> all right. tom sherwood. thank you. >> president obama and mitt romney are both courting voters on the road. romney was in louisiana. obama was in o. he stopped in cincinnati for chili. he hammered on romney outsourcing jobs. >> we found there's a new study out by nonpartisan economists that says governor romney's economic plan would, in fact, create 8,000 jobs. there's only one problem. the jobs wouldn't be in america. >> things aren't going in the right direction. no wonder he wants to change the subject. >> mitt romney plans to visit ohio on wednesday while president obama will visit the swing state of florida later this week. dna evidence became crucial in trial over many years place them at the scene of the crime and convicting them. but prince george's county police are facing the biggest backlog of dna evidence in the state of maryland, many
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wondering if it leaves problems for prosecutors. chris has the latest. >> good evening. police and prosecutors have to prioritize. the backlog means it can't all be analyzed. that present as real challenge to local law enforcement. prince george's county police create add new bureau of forensic science and intelligence in january. the crime scene investigation division to solve crimes resulting in arrests. but their laboratory has reached ka papty and it's no now longer able to keep up with the demand for dna analysis. currently there's backlog of 654d65 654 dna cases including rapes, assaults, and other crimes. >> it means the cases that are approaching trial date that are needed to make a compelling case will be done and that the evidence will be available. we prioritize from there about
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the next case and the next case and next case across the broad spectrum of crimes. >> the dna evidence in prince george's is the biggest in maryland at 654 compared to baltimore with 454, anne arundel county at 259 and montgomery at 228. the prince george's prosecuting attorney's office prosecutes. >> they will not be denied because na issue. we work hand in hand with the police department to make sure that the cases where the trial is coming up or if it's a violent offender or if it's just a case that we know the dna evidence is going to be critical to us moving forward with trial and having the best possible opportunities to secure a guilty conviction, we make sure to work with them so we have that dna in time and there are no issues. >> reporter: prince george's county is move its dna analysis to its new forensic evidence processing facility. it is seeking more state and federal money and will hire a
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director with a ph.d. in forensic sciences. the goal for prince george's county is to have the capacity to catalog all the dna and cross-match it to conviction criminals that are involved in multiple crimes. that's the latest from the newsroom, chris gordon, "news 4." still to come on "news 4" at 5:00 tonight, we're just getting started. did it really make it healthier by banning restaurants from banning trans fats? experts weigh in. a photographer captured a special moment. now the hunt is on for this mystery couple. plus, almost a year later and a local church is still matters. pioneers in outsourcing us jobs supports tax breaks overseas. insourcing. industry and favors bring jobs home. it matters. this message.
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chopper 4 flying over the mormon temple in kensington today. you can see crews high in the air making repairs. it's one of many landmarks that was damaged by the earthquake that shook our whole region. that's a precarious job. >> i don't want that job. >> me neither. five years ago new york city banned trans fats at restaurants. now restaurants in the big apple are healthier and lower in fat. >> researchers believe this sort of change could have a major
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impact on america's fight against obesity. >> reporter: foods like this aren't often considered the healthiest items on the menu but they're better for you in the big apple than in most cities. >> we looked at what the average amount of trans fat was in lunchtime purchases at fast food restaurants and we found that trans fat weren't down. >> reporter: five years ago new york city became the first to implement a trans fat ban in all of its 24,000 restaurants. they calculated the nutrition content of nearly 7,000 receipts from orders. they found diners ate significantly less trans fat and there was only a slight increase in saturated fat. >> you can walk into your favorite restaurant, order the exact same lunch than you ordered and it has much less trans fat. nothing else has changed. >> including the taste and how much it tastes.
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what appears to change is the customer's risk for heart disease. >> we know when trans fat intake goes down, cardiovascular disease risk goes down. >> reporter: experts say consumers need to make health year decisions like limiting fat and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables but at least in new york city patrons can order their food without a hidden dollop of trans fat and for some that might be the icing on the cake. since new york city banned trans fats, other cities have followed. boston, philadelphia and the entire state of california has also band trans fats in restaurants. i don't know about you. the salad bar or the cheesecake. >> it looked good. >> that's a trans fat-free cheesecake? i'll take two. a lot of us would like to ban the heat. >> another day spent in the
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mid-90s around here. mid summer misery continues and it's not going to get any better tomorrow and really not much better on wednesday either. outside right now we're looking to the north from our tower camera. why are we doing that? what are you looking at? that's a rain shaft. yes, indeed, that storm is in central montgomery county and it's rolling down the river. it's coming straight down the potomac. it will be arriving in mclean and great falls and i expect channel 4's parking lot will get rained on. if you live in downtown or near downtown, it's coming toward you, literally coming straight down the river. city camera, look at the beautiful rays of sunshine getting around down there. 94 degrees at national airport. it's a steamy one. dew point in the upper 60s. so humidity at 4%. we often talk about the dew point. that's the real measure of moisture in the atmosphere. how hiumid is it? >> 69 is at the very top of
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huemy. we'ret 570. that's what we consider very humid. this is the really uncomfortable range and a couple time this summer we had dew points of 75 or higher and that even when you need to not go outside at all. on storm 4 radar there's the thundershower right there that you saw on our tower camera view literally coming straight down the potomac river into the upper parts of northwest washington. so you folks here, bethesda, chevy chase, mclaeaclean, great fauk falls, it bears watching. it will get you wet in the next couple of hours. there's 301. down toward bud's creek. this storm also drifting down to the southeast at about 20 to 30 miles per hour. the storms are moving along at a little better pace than they did over the weekend. be on the lookout for rain there. st. mary's county, this is coming toward you even during the far southernmost tip there. getting in on a little bit of
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rain in the next bit. there's not anywhere near the coverage or intensity that we had to deal with on saturday or sunday, so that is welcome news. temperatures back up into the mid 90s for many spots today. this makes the 25th day this summer that we've been 90 degrees or higher. average through july 15th is only 16. so we're well above average. for the whole year we normally get 38 days of 90 or higher. so we're well on our way to an above average year. not a whole lot going on. just a few popcorn showers with the extreme heat. that will be not as much the case as tomorrow. another humid night tonight. southwesterly breezes means the heap pump is on. tomorrow temperatures flirting with 100 degrees. once again that will be repeated on wednesday, but on wednesday, cooling storms will start to roll in here late in the day, and that will be a welcome change indeed.
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don't forget, lightweight, light colored clothing. never leave kids or dogs or cats in the car. if you've got elderly friends or family, give them a check. clear skies after midnight. start off temperatures at 70s. tomorrow afternoon, ugh, what an ugly day. highs in the 90s. might touch 100 tomorrow. probably no 100s on the map on wednesday but it will be extra humid as the storm front starts to roll on in. thursday looks like the rainiest day. maybe an inch of rain. that will cool us down just in time for the weekend. it looks a whole lot better just in time for the weekend. >> okay. so tomorrow worse than tomorrow. wednesday we begin to improve. >> turn the corner on wednesday. >> tomorrow is a stay-inside kind of day. >> okay. we'll heed your advice. thank you, chuck. delta air lines is investigating how needles somehow turned up in turkey
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sandwiches in four flights from amsterdam to the u.s. they were found in a total of six sandwiches. one passenger was injured but declined medical attention. the sandwiches are prepared in a catering kitchen in amsterdam. tonight metro is trying to assure riders that it's safe and reliable. this after the computer system shut the system down twice over the weekend. on top of, that broken down trains also forced metro to close the dupont circle station several time this morning. "news 4's" darcy spencer has our story. >> reporter: metro officials still don't know the source of the computer glitch that force add temporary shutdown of the entire rail system two time over the weekend. >> we are concerned and, like i said, we will be after this 24/7 until we get to a root cause. and most importantly, to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: metro assistant general manager dave cube check
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told them that the program monitors train and is not vie at to the system. still officials decided to stop all trains close toast the system while the computer system was wree booted. he said riders were never in danger. >> we felt it prudent to bring all of the rail cars to the station, halt, make sure that we ensure that everybody was safe, everybody was accounted for, and then we prosided with our next operational plan. >> reporter: the glitch is just one of several problems metro has dealt with in cent weeks including a derail meant caused by a heat kink and a power outage where passengers self-evacuated in the scorching heat. what does metro say to the riders who are concerned? >> we're doing everything we can to bring this place to a steady state of good repair. >> reporter: riders say it goes beyond inconvenience. >> it's one of the things that it seems like we pay more, we pay more.
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the service gets worse and worse and worse. >> darcy spencer, "news 4." when we come right back on "news 4" at 5:00, your ac may be on the fritz. liz crenshaw tells you how to get it fixed and how to avoid
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team usa down at the booth. you're going. how did you get hooked up with tickets? >> i know people. >> including this guy. >> hey, dan, this is an exciting night. >> reporter: this is great. people already starting to trickle in here for the women's game, the u.s. women's olympic team getting ready to take on brazil in just a few minutes and at 8:00, that's the tip-off where the men take on brazil. i can tell you this is probably going to be a closer game than the last time the u.s. men's olympic team took the court
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where they beat the dominican republic by 40-plus points. there is nobody in the world who should beat this collection of nba all-stars, but once they get to the olympics, the competition is going to be a little bit stiffer. zachary got catch up with the endpoint guard, that is chris paul. he's opinion here since friday and checking out sites and working with sponsors. >> i appreciate you meeting up with me. >> no problem. >> not everybody gets invited. how do you feel? >> we're very excited. we're excited about going to get another gold medal. >> it's kind of considering what you went through. >> the course was great. it was unbelievable.
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i was for sure we were going to hit the tree or run out into the street. dang. >> i told him when i was out there on the course, my jeep won't do anything they was doing. my jeep won't ever go that fast or sit on an incline like that. >> i want to talk about l.a. city. how are you enjoying it? >> love it. love it. it's been great since day one. my teammates are great. we have a great front office. it's fitting to be with my jeep in l.a. too. the first thing i did was take the top off. >> talk about blake. >> yeah. >> just the opportunity for you guys to get things going, but i feel like the sky's the limit for you. >> blake's unbelievable. he's the most freakish athlete, the way he comes to practice,
5:26 pm
the way he plays, he's remarkable when he plays at another level. the scary thing about him, he hasn't scratched the surface of how good he could possibly be. >> talk to me about the mindset. how has the mindset changed from you going up against these guys and going up after a championship versus the gold medal. >> the mindset changes. a lot of us on the team, we don't get to spend as much time with each other as we'd like. when we wear the usa across our chest, that's why we're out here. that's what we represent. >> thanks for your time. appreciate it. >> you know it. >> zachary keesh with chris pauchlt this could be the last time the professional players in terms of basketball playing in the olympics. blake griffin who he talked about in that piece tore his meniscus the same day he signed
5:27 pm
a $90 million contract. there's been some talk that at least the older guys won't be playing in the olympics in the future, but they are here tonight. it's going to be fun at verizon center, for sure. >> people ought to head down early because the president and the vice president are supposed to be there, aren't they, dan? >> reporter: yeah. it took three times as lodge to get into the parking garage. plan ahead and plan wisely because it's going to take a while. >> good stuff. coming up next on "news 4" at 5:00, lawmakers return to the table in an effort to bring a casino to national harbor. two died at the popular
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a bizarre robbery this weekend left one man in fair
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mount heights dead. while the robbery unfolded a nearby witness tried to drive away to avoid the suspects and wound up running over mccoy. the suspects are still on the loose tonight. right now prince george's county has a backlog of 654d na cases involves rains and other violent crimes. that is the beingest backlog if the state of maryland. today county officials say they're taking steps to deal with the problem including moving the test lab to the new forensic process facility and hiring more workers but the process has not been delayed or denied. now let's fast forward to the weather. chuck? >> yes, doreen. a steamy hot day has led to call of showers. weave raindrops on our towercam lens. you can see it on radar. grou grounds wet. moving into downtown washington. it will be raining at reagan national in the next couple of
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minutes. you folks in maryland, parts of charles county, no severe weather with any of this, but nonetheless it will rain hard for five or ten minutes just enough to get you wet and make you mad if you just washed you your car yesterday. back to you. police in church falls are investigating what they found what appears to be a murder/suicide at a shopping center safrd night. they were found at the eden center on wilson boulevard, a business and dining hub for northern virginia's vietnamese community. julie car carey is live. >> reporter: he was shot as he stepped out of the vehicle to go down the street to a restaurant to work where he performed. now falls church police are investigating the crime as a likely murder/suicide. >> this is his guitar. >> reporter: the restaurant owner still has the bass guitar belonging to a man he considered a big brother, and on his laptop
5:33 pm
he now displays a tribute page to a music well known to the crowds at the eden center. the 51-year-old was supposed to join the band for their usual live karaoke gig here on saturday night but around 10:00 p.m. just as he stepped out of his vehicle to go inside, shots were fired at him. >> from what i know hes go shot as he was coming out of his screen and then he tried to make a run for it, got about a hundred yards to another spot that 'neers here. >> reporter: but phan collapsed and died. the police found another man dead inside a vehicle. they're now investigating the case as a possible murder/suicide, but he says he knows of no motive to kill his good friend. >> he's been a good musician for more than 20 years. the community loves him. he played in many, many spots. i haven't heard one single bad
5:34 pm
thing about him. >> reporter: the shooting incident has also jarred the vietnamese business owners here, already sensitive to concerns about crime at the popular plaza. last year a police gang task force carried out a high-profile raid making arrests for alleged illegal gambling. he says he hopes the latest police investigation will help put the strategy behind thtra t >> we hope this puts things behind us. we hope they find the culprit and solve the situation. >> reporter: more coming up on the impact this could have on the business and its livelihood. for your now reporting live from falls church, i'm julie carey, "news 4." a 24-year-old man was shot at langley park. someone shot him saturday night. he was found inside the hallway of an apartment building there. prince george's county police are searching for the shooter.
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a florida teenager could spend up to 50 years behind bars for a brutal attack on another teen outside a florida middle school two years ago. 17-year-old wayne tracy was found guilty of attempted first-degree murder today in the attack on then 15-year-old josie ratley. tracy's defense argued that the attack was parked by ptsd, brought on by his brother's recent suicide. they also argued that tracy attacked the girl after she sent him taunting text messages about his brother who had passed away. prosecution psychiatrists agreed he had ptsd, but they still say he knew right from wrong. maryland lawmakers say they're still working to bring a sixth casino to the state. earlier today governor martin o'malley met with leaders about a possible casino at national harbor. megan mcgrath reports that while lawmakers seem open to the idea, the clock is ticking for them to agree to plan. >> reporter: both in annapolis
5:36 pm
this morning for a closed door meeting with the governor and the mayor of baltimore. at issue, the expansion of gambling in maryland. >> so i'd like to see it done now. i would have liked to have seen it done before now. >> reporter: governor martin o'malley supports a sixth casino at national harbor and approval of table games at casinos, but to make it happen, a special session must be call and lawmakers must pass legislation so the issue can be put on the november ballot. and the clock is ticking. the deadline do all that is august 20th. the governor thought he had a consensus before, only to see house lawmakers withhold their support. he says progress has been made in recent weeks and he remains optimistic. >> i think there's a broad consensus to be had here that will allow us to resolve this gaming issue in maryland and allow us to do it in a deliberate and thoughtful way that maximizes the return to the state.
5:37 pm
>> reporter: one of the big sticking points has been the tax rate for casinos. house lawmakers have put forth a proposal that would take tax rate decisions away from the legislature and put them in the hands of gaming commission. county executive baker is open to the idea. >> let's agree on the things that we agree from the commission, a sixth sight, table games, and let the -- let the gaming commission set the rates. i think that's the house alternative plan they offer to the gaming commission, and think we should go forward with that. >> reporter: so will a deal be struck? that remains to be seen. governor o'malley says the next week is critical. in annapolis, megan mcgrath, "news 4." late this afternoon yahoo! named a new ceo. it is the fifth in five years. yahoo! hired a long-time executive from google, marissa maier worked there.
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she's just 37 years old. coming up next on "news 4," what you need to know before you
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[ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. [ female announcer ] every woman who believes decisions about our bodies and our health care should be our own is troubled mitt romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a law that outlaws all abortion -- even in cases of rape and incest. and that's not all. i'll cut off funding to planned parenthood. [ female announcer ] for women, planned parenthood means
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life-saving cancer screenings and family-planning services. but, for mitt romney... planned parenthood. we're going to get rid of that. the national capital planning commission granted preliminary approval last week for the underground facility on the national mall. the center will include interactive exhibits, a bookstore and restrooms. vietnam's memorial monday must raise about $40 million to complete the $85 million project. that i hope to open it in 2014. a promise to transform a busy stretch of rockville pike. it's replacing mid pike plaza.
5:42 pm
it's 24-acre project with retail, office, and hotel space, and 1,500 residential unities in which they're designed to help with public transportation. it's scheduled to be open by 2014. some maryland drivers can avoid a trip to the mva office and who doesn't want to do that. residents can now renew their driver's licences online. for now only eligible recipients under 40 because they don't have to take an eyesight test. when we come back, remembering the life of the creator of a popular children's series. and a local athlete stopped by our studio before she heads over to london to compete in the olympic games. i'm liz crenshaw. don't sweat the cost of keeping cool
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it's hot outside and getting even hotter, and you know you
5:46 pm
don't want your air conditioner break down. as liz crenshaw reports tonight, the key to keeping cool this summer, planning ahead. >> no one wants to get burned for air conditioning repairs. listen up. don't let a quick decision leave you sweating the cost of keeping cool when you need that ac fixed. >> here, tighten that up. >> reporter: this time of year, alan bockert is responding to a plethora of ac air calls. he works for a company that gets 400 calls a week. so when the ac goes -- >> -- you want to choose a high quality firm. >> reporter: robert warns against impulse hiring. >> when you're choosing a firm, don't go by the ones you've seen or heard advertising. >> reporter: this is one of 35 firms that ranked superior for overall performance by 90% or
5:47 pm
more of checkbook-surveyed customers. >> what i'm checking here is your subcooling. >> reporter: it compared more than 250 local heating and cooling air conditioning services. among the dpaeps prepared, checkbook found a big difference in price. >> there's really no relationship -- we find this again and again, no relationship between price and quality. one thing that checkbook does is we get competitive quotes from these firms on dozens of different jobs. we know that some of the highest quality firms actually have very low prices. >> for example, checkbook found the price to install a new air cleaner ranged from $392 to $1,100. and for basic maintenance contracts, not including parts or labor, prices ranked from less than $100 to more than $300. >> even if something major has to be done, there are different ways to do major things. >> reporter: he says get multiple quotes before hiring an ac firm and be skeptical when a
5:48 pm
company claims you'll save money from energy-efficient equipment because some firms exchange rate. and bigger doesn't always mean better. >> because if it's too big a system for your space, it may just keep switching on and switching off, switching on and switching off. >> reporter: the biggest culprit when it comes to air conditioning problems, not changing your air filter enough. >> i'll swatch that out with a new one. see the difference? that will restrict a lot of air flow and cause all kinds of trouble. it's the number one systthing y can do. >> reporter: don't sweat the stress of being left in the heat. >> i'd like to hear one turning on on that one. you c to see the ranks go to our websitewe website and search "ac." when you look at price and you realize quality isn't always price and price isn't always
5:49 pm
quality. >> shop around. i'm getting filters tonight. >> when's the last time you changed it? snow how many of have learned that lesson the hard way. >> i don't hear any air moving. >> yeah. >> that's the sound. >> thank you, liz. >> you're welcome. >> chuck's ready with an update on our weather. if your air conditioning isn't working tonight, you are in some trouble. >> you're in trouble indeed and you only have about 12 more hours before we're going to be back above 90 degrees again. early tomorrow it's going to be another sizzler. here's the lonely rain shower. we've been following it all the way down the potomac river. it's down in mt. vernon right now. the last of the raindrops has left us. this is going southbound. you folks in northern county maryland are going to get rain in the next little bit. in southern st. mary's county this storm has taken on a little lightning in the last couple of minutes, so you folks way down in the southernmost tip, little thunderstorm could come your way. the good news is it's almost off
5:50 pm
the land area now. it will be out over the open waters of the open bay in the little bit. but that's literally all she wrote for rain chances tonight. nothing left upstream so, this last little shower leaving mt. vernon is going to be the rest of the show. overnight tonight the skies will clear out after midnight. low temperatures, a few spots. the lucky few out west. back into the upper 60s by tomorrow morning. intown temperatures in the mid-70s. tomorrow, ugly hot again. 99 in washington, 97 in annapolis, 96 in culpeper. very, very hot weather coming for tomorrow. a perfect way to get yourself over the bay bridge and down to the sand. that's where doug is this week. a week well chosen, doug. a chance of thundershowers showing up later on in the week. we'll see you again at 6:00. >> thanks, chuck. for the first time since
5:51 pm
2004, the u.s. olympic team will have a rhythmic gymnast as she's local. >> dominated by russian athletes. she's a second generation rhythmic gymnast. her mother was a junior champion in hungary. she said it's a difficult sport to master and requires a lot of cross-training including ballet. she stopped by "news 4 midday" talking about representing team usa. >> the nerves aren't kicking in yet but i'm getting more and more exciting. the full effect hasn't kicked in yet. i think it will kick in when i get there and enter the village and see all the other athletes and then the two days i compete, walking on the carpet, lit kick in. >> julie zetland said her strategy is not watching the other athletes and trying to avoid seeing their scores. that's probably a good idea. >> it looked so graceful. remember barbara tried it four years ago. >> i remember that.
5:52 pm
>> it's not as easy as it looks. >> no, no. it's not as easy as it looks. now for stories that are trending. a fundraiser captured a once-in-a-lifetime moment. now she's trying to find the subject who wound up in this photoangela golik was at the right place, right time. captured a marriage proposal at the war memorial on the national mall. she pulled o ought camera just as a man in an air force uniform pulled out a ring and got down on bended knee. she's posted the photo hoping the happy couple or never who knows them will find a way to get in touch with her. and donald j.sobol has died. he was the author of a book about leroy, a detective, encyclopedia brown. the mystery series started 50
5:53 pm
years ago. they have been translated into 12 languages and sold millions of copies worldwide. he was 87 years old. nbc news has taken over microsoft's 50% stake in the msn msnb c digital network. it will make them even stronger now that our digital platforms are completely aligned. got it? it's easy. new details, what may have caused the accident of the daughter of the late robert kennedy. federal workers caught in a prostitution probe. this time at the center of the scandal. also a pill that could prevent hiv infections. and imagine a train that could
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what may have caused the accident with kerry kennedy. she e was arrested after an accident along a highway in north castle, new york. investigators are awaiting lab test results to see if prescription pills are behind the crash, but as jonathan dienst reports now, those close to kennedy are wondering whether a seizure may have played a role. >> reporter: investigators say after the crash, kerry kennedy spoke of taking ambien, a strong prescription drug. the sleep aid even carries warnings to not drive after taking it as well as the possibility of a side effect where users engage in activities like driving without being fully awake. >> it looks like they're drunk, but they're not.
5:58 pm
it's ambien affecting a certain percentage of people in this way, which i term ambien zombies. people drive without absolutely any memory of doing it. >> reporter: one source close to kennedy are looking into whether the mother of three had a seizure and if that could be a cause of the accident. her spokesman has said preliminary hospital tests showed no drugs or alcohol whatsoever in her system but law enforcement officials say detailed blood tests are still out and may show whether or not a drug like ambien was in her system. it was friday police found kennedy seemingly passed out at the wheel of her white lexus similar to this near a hiwa hig exit ramp. she hit a truck. two sources close to kennedy say she has no recollection of the crash. they say she was only speculating when she told police she maybe, maybe took ambien instead of a different pill
5:59 pm
earlier in the morning. in 2006 her cousin and former cousin patrick kennedy crashed his car into a security barricade at the u.s. capitol in the middle of the night. he blamed it on ambien and another drug he was spriebed. he pleaded guilty. she's the former wife of andrew co-me. >> mary was my very, very best friend and the best friend anybody could ever imagine having. >> kerry kennedy is expected in court tomorrow on a misdemeanor dui charge. now at 6:00, a robbery victim ends up dead after he's run over. the computer glitch that shut down the entire metro rail system is still a mystery. >> the country's dealing with one of the worst droughts since the '50s. objt


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